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Leon Huntting

“Client success is paramount.”

Leon Huntting has been a leader in the mortgage industry for over 30 years.  He received citations from Governor Schwarzenegger and State Senator, Joel Anderson for his, “outstanding contributions to the mortgage finance industry.”  He uses his unique experience in a broad base of securities, mortgages, real estate-related applications and city planning and zoning to benefit his clients.  He applies his skills to residential, multifamily, mixed-use, commercial, land and construction properties.  He also is very involved in the jumbo reverse mortgage which is a very important program for seniors in the Bay Area.

He is a Past President of the California Association of Mortgage Brokers (CAMB) and the Government Affairs Chairman of CAMB during the creation of the Predatory Loan bill.  He was also President of the CAMB Foundation which worked closely with the governor’s office to provide statewide support programs for homeowners during the crash.  The San Francisco Board of Supervisors appointed him to their Fair Lending Group –to represent the mortgage brokerage industry– which provided recommendations to the board regarding protection for homeowners and renters in the City.

Leon is also committed to “giving back” through community service.  He and his wife live in Sausalito and both have been very active in Marin and San Francisco.  He’s a former Sausalito city councilmember and the Executive Board of the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).  He was on the Marin County Civil Grand Jury (2017-2018) and was recently selected to be the education outreach person for the Marin County Health & Human Services’ Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST).  FAST is a multidisciplinary team of public agency representatives and private professionals from the financial services industry. It provides financial education and expert forensic assistance in the investigation [...]

Robert Arthur Goeller III

In a world of online cookie cutter fill in the blank and push-button mortgages, I believe the human connection still matters. I believe there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to making one of the biggest financial commitments of your life. As your mortgage advisor, I am constantly expanding my knowledge and staying current on the latest mortgage and real estate trends so that I can offer you smart loan options. My team and I will listen so we can provide you with individualized mortgage solutions, based on your unique circumstances and goals. Having been in the mortgage industry since 1993 and residential and commercial real estate development and construction since 1972 I have seen several economic cycles and am prepared to navigate the choppy waters we are in and find the best loan for your needs.

I pledge to handle every facet of your transaction with professionalism, dedication and personalized care. It’s my goal that you are 100% satisfied throughout the entire transaction. No one will work harder to close your loan. I will keep you informed every step of the way. Personal and financial privacy is very important and non-disclosure a commitment.

I relocated to Santa Barbara in 2010 having moved here from Greenwich, Connecticut and I really enjoy finding the right mortgage for each client. I value a long term relationship with my clients across the United States.

Let me earn your trust and we’ll build a partnership for life.

My Specialties are:
Jumbo and Super Jumbo Financing
Self-Employed/Complex-Income Borrowers
High Net Worth Borrowers
1031 exchanges


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Larry Allen Gray

I personally take great pride in the quality of service I provide. I have over 30 years in customer service including Lending, Financial Software consultation and development for a National Public Broadcasting affiliate station. I have nearly 13 years now as a mortgage consultant and planner. I realize each person is unique and I care about each and every client. With a great attention to detail, I provide the same meticulous care with each client’s mortgage loan. I am dedicated to finding a solution to meet your goals. I believe I can significantly help you through the naturally high stress process of getting a mortgage loan and getting it funded in a timely manner. I reside in Marin County with my wife and cats, enjoy hiking, biking, and socializing. I am an active member of the SF Veteran Lions, for which we are dedicated in service to our community.

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Tim Higbee

Thirty years of customer focus underlies Tim Higbee’s work experiences in business ownership, client management, and strategic planning. Now he finds himself at the perfect intersection of his passions, having spent the past 17 years working directly with clients in real estate finance. Tim’s undergraduate degrees in Communications, Economics and Psychology prepared him for this dream job, teaching him to effectively discuss customer needs, craft realistic financial plans, and be aware of the formidable life changes that often accompany real estate planning. Finding a path to each customer’s future is Tim’s pride and firm priority.

A Bay Area native, a graduate of University of California, San Diego, and a long-time San Francisco resident, Tim knows the ins and outs and quirks and perks of our fair state. He’s cycled between SF and LA three times for the California AIDS ride, traveled multiple continents, performed on the flying trapeze (though never ran away to join the circus); and, in a former professional life, he was a mover and shaker in the city’s art scene.

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Fred Morfit

A Marin resident of more than 25 years and a mortgage professional since 1999, Fred has supported his clients through periods of wild growth and fearsome stagnation, helping steer them to a smooth landing for their home financing. A thorough knowledge of the lending market with its varied products and sometimes complicated process combined with clear communication and a friendly bedside manner has built Fred a very loyal and satisfied clientele.

From your first contact with Fred you’ll know what your options are, what your part in the process is and what to expect as the transaction moves to completion. In a process that’s viewed as intimidating by some and simply annoying by others, Fred helps you navigate the road to a successful closing with clear guidance and good humor.

Fred’s commitment to his work is matched by his commitment to the community. He is regular volunteer with local non-profits as varied as the Marin County Bicycle Coalition, the Marin Agricultural Land Trust and the Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (REST) serving meals to the county’s homeless. When he’s not in the office you’ll likely find Fred cycling on the roads and trails of Marin, sailing the bay or just lounging on a beach somewhere nearby. As he is fond of saying, “If you’re in Marin and you’re not taking advantage of the outdoors you might as well move back to Des Moines.”


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Gordon Jay Friedman

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for 25 years and have worked as a mortgage broker and banker for the past 12 years. I graduated with both an M.B.A. and B.A. in Finance from George Washington University.

I began my career working as an institutional investment consultant to large pension plans. Later, I lived and worked in Taiwan coordinating production and international distribution for a nationally known mountain bike brand. Later, during the first dotcom boom, I worked in technology. Initially, I directed operations for an e-commerce startup and then moved on to consulting with startups to help them build their own e-commerce systems.

My background in finance allows me to clearly explain how mortgages work and how borrowing to purchase a home fits into your’ overall financial picture. As a homeowner and property investor, I’m able to offer you a perspective on mortgages and home ownership based on personal experience.

In addition to offering conventional financing, I am also a TIC (tenancy in common) expert and a recognized source for financing and information about this uniquely San Francisco form of ownership. My expertise in TIC’s was earned through personal experience. In 1999 I became a one-third owner of a TIC in San Francisco. I lived there for several years and then sold my unit after my partners and I converted the property to condominiums.

My goal is to structure a deal that fits your unique situation. To do so I pay close attention to your current financial situation as well as your long-term financial goals. I then oversee all of the financing details. For a purchase, this means you and your real estate agent can focus on the other important elements of buying a home. For a [...]

Bart Welles

Bart Welles has over 25 years of real estate finance experience. He has been a mortgage banker/broker for the past 20 years and was listed in Mortgage Originator Magazine in 2002 and 2003 as one of the highest volume loan originators in the U.S. Bart has personally closed over 2,000 loans totaling over $1 billion.

Throughout the years, Bart has developed invaluable knowledge of mortgage products, residential and commercial underwriting, real estate investment, financial modeling, and financial planning. His ability to assess and anticipate customer needs in order to provide solutions has resulted in extremely high customer loyalty, in many cases for more than two decades.

Working with a dedicated underwriter/processor, Bart is personally involved in every loan he closes. He strives to provide pricing combined with excellent service and is readily available to answer your questions.

APM CA-DRE #01215943
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Sean Edward Maley

Since 1991, Sean Maley has excelled at placing clients in the home of their dreams by keeping their interests at the forefront of every transaction. As a result, Sean has achieved a 96.7% Premier Service Rating—the industry’s leading customer-satisfaction standard.

With the support of his top-notch assistant and husband, David Hasslinger, Sean has built a reputation for swift response, seamless service, and timely escrow closings, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and honesty with his clients. A consistently top-producing mortgage professional serving California homeowners, Sean is the “instruction manual” clients need to help navigate the complex real estate buying process.

Outside of work, Sean and David enjoy hiking, gardening, home remodeling, traveling, and spending time at their weekend home in the Russian River. Their charity work includes raising thousands of dollars for the Aids Life Cycle, Peta and Home for a Home.

Sean was raised in Marin County where he attended St. Isabella’s, Marin Catholic High School and later, the University of San Diego.

APM CA-DRE #01215943
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Suzanne Diliberto

Suzanne Diliberto has been in the mortgage business since 1989.  She has consistently received achievement awards for outstanding production and customer satisfaction.  Suzanne is a college graduate, has a current Real Estate license and an NMLS license and is waiting to take her Broker’s Exam.  Suzanne’s key to success is putting the client’s interests in front of her own.  As a result, she has a very strong referral network and has had a very successful 25 years in an ever-changing industry.  Suzanne’s claim to fame are her analytical skills.  She is proficient in analyzing personal and business tax returns and an expert underwriter.  Suzanne loves Real Estate and thinks everyone should own some!  She resides in Mill Valley, Ca. but can lend anywhere in California.  You can find her on Facebook, Linked In and Reach 150.

APM CA-DRE #01215943
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Orlando Diaz

Orlando has been in the financial services industry for 15 years.  He spent most of that time in the area of software development, specifically developing applications that would be used by consumers, as a step-by-step customer support application.  This and other areas of customer support helped him better understand ways to provide thorough step-by-step support to his clients.

He feels that as a loan consultant it’s critical that his clients know they can rely on him as their single point of contact.  He’s here to help them have a good experience and smooth transaction.  He prides himself on personal service and his many years in the technical field have conditioned him to be extremely detailed.  He’s quickly learned that paying close attention to all the details of each loan transaction is critical during the loan process.

Although he grew up in and around New York, he’s lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years and considers it his home.  He knows the San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate market and owns a home in San Francisco.

Orlando looks forward to working with you and providing you with outstanding personal service.

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APM CA-DRE 01215943

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