Considerations for investment properties

What are your investment home goals? Perhaps you’d like to buy and flip a fixer-upper for potential profit. Or maybe your investment home will serve as both a vacation getaway and rental property. Or, maybe you’d like to buy an investment home with great rental potential so tenants cover the mortgage payments for you.

Whatever your intentions, whatever your goals, whatever your current financial situation, we at Guarantee Mortgage have been there, done that. We’ve seen every investment home situation imaginable, and we can help.

Financing your investment home: Things to think about

Purchasing your first investment home can be just as stressful as getting a mortgage on your primary residence! Not only is competition for investment homes tough in many markets; lenders may also crank up the magnification power as they inspect your finances because of the higher risk inherent in the purchase of an investment home.

And there’s a lot more to consider:

  • Will the investment home actually bring you the expected return?
  • How much of a down payment do you need?
  • Can you use the equity in your existing home?
  • Will you be able to deduct the interest on financing?
  • Can you use money in a brokerage account as collateral?
  • Should you hold the property in your name?

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Talk to us! Ask for advice. See what mortgage options and financing alternatives are available.

The Loan Advisors at Guarantee Mortgage know what it takes to close investment loans for homebuyers in all sorts of situations. We’ll help you see what’s possible and, if you’re ready, get you prequalified or preapproved for funding before you make your offer, giving you greater buying power. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you by walking you through each step, and by doing as much of the work on your behalf as we can.

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