Considerations for selling one home to
buy another

Are you selling one home and then moving and buying another? Whether you’re relocating for business, family, retirement, or just for a change of scenery, count on the mortgage experts at Guarantee Mortgage to smooth and speed the mortgage process—and to get you the home loan you need.

Financing when you’re selling and buying: Must you sell your existing home first?

Like most homebuyers who are moving and buying a home, you’d probably prefer to sell your existing home before you buy the next one. Unfortunately, market forces don’t always cooperate, especially if you’re selling in a buyer’s market, or buying into a competitive real estate scene like the one in California.

But that doesn’t mean hope is lost, or that you must wait until your current home sells before you buy your next one—it just means you need the assistance of problem solvers with many options available.

The Loan Advisors at Guarantee Mortgage are such people. We understand that you might not have all the money you need for a down payment because you need to sell your existing home. We see this situation all the time. We will work with you to figure out the best way to finance your home loan, exploring acceptable alternatives for finding bridge financing if needed.

Talk to us! Ask your burning questions. Learn about alternatives in case your current home doesn’t sell right away.

Because selling one home and buying another can be a tricky situation, we encourage you to connect with a Loan Advisor experienced in helping homeowners who might need to buy and move before the old home sells.

Or, send us an email to request a free consultation. The consultation usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. An Advisor will answer your questions, talk to you about sensible mortgage options for your circumstances and finances, and get you prequalified for a mortgage or preapproved for your next home purchase.

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