Posted: 04/25/2016

Many consider spring to be the best to time of the year to buy a new home. This spring fever occurs for many reasons, some of which we outline below. In the end, the reasoning to enter the housing market differs from person to person as it is usually one of the largest financial decisions most people will make in their lifetime.

If you feel the time is right, spring may be it for you, and here are five reasons why.

Tax refund checks

Filing taxes can be tedious and intimidating, that with the collecting countless documents and receipts you may need. For those who complete their taxes and end up getting a hefty refund in the mail, tax season could help launch them into the housing market. Making sure you have 20 percent to put down will help you get pre-approved and can give you an edge against other house hunters. There are loan programs available that allow use of gift funds for a down payment or to buy with as little as 3 percent down for qualified buyers. No matter which program you use, having a little extra from your tax refund will help.

School is out in summer

If you buy in spring, there is a strong chance you will be moving in summer. In summer, the kids are home and parents get a break from juggling school schedules. Parents who are looking at moving may face the fact that they could end up having to change the school their child goes to. Depending on your opinion on your child’s school, this may be a good thing or bad thing, but with school out of session, summer may be a good time to make a move. There would be less uprooting involved than if you were to move to a new house and change schools in February or November.

Good moving weather

No one likes moving as it is; add rain to the mix and you may have some complicated days ahead of you. Moving during the summer nearly ensures you will have clear skies on your big moving day. It may be hot, but your furniture and electronics do not run the risk of being damaged by water.


Spring has traditionally been the prime time to enter the housing market because the inventory is usually high this time of year. In recent months, however, inventory has dropped nationwide. According to Redfin, however, demand is still strong with buyers. This means buyers could need to be more savvy and strategic with their offers if they are looking to purchase a home this spring. You could consider waiving an inspection fee or ignore one of those minor fixes that show up in the inspection report to give yourself an advantage over other buyers. In addition, who you select as your real estate agent in today’s market is vital. Ask yourself if your agent knows the neighborhood you are interested in inside and out, and do they keep up-to-the-minute tabs on the homes that are coming on the market? Will they be able to negotiate well enough to make that deal for you?

Prices are rising

Home values are on the rise. The National Association of Home Builders predicts national home prices will increase an additional 4.6 percent in 2016. Now could be the opportunity you are looking for to get a good price. Also, if you do purchase a home now, you will be able to begin building equity as the value of your home rises with the market.

Whether it is living circumstances, the amount of money you have in savings or you are simply tired of renting, spring can be a good time to buy. In a time of low inventory, this spring may not be as hot of a market for buyers as in years past, but those who are motivated and diligent can find the right deal that fits their needs.

If you are ready to buy and have questions about getting pre-approved for a mortgage, make sure to reach out to us. At Guarantee Mortgage, we’re transparent from the very start about what interest rate you qualify for and will disclose exactly how much it will cost you.

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