Home sales across the Bay Area’s nine counties dropped in 2018, and that isn’t the only change we are seeing in the market.

Homes are staying available longer with 51 days being the average timeframe a house is on the market, compared to 21 days earlier in 2018. Price cuts provide further evidence of a real estate market that may be easing up slightly on buyers heading into 2019.

While the changing landscape can entice buyers eager to take advantage of the lower prices, the truth remains: The market remains competitive.

Borrowers can get an upper hand by getting pre-approved for a home loan first.

If you get pre-approved utilizing our exclusive Keys on Time Program, you can shop for homes confidently because your financing is complete with a fully underwritten preliminary pre-approval. This will give you an idea of how much you can afford in the market, which will help you narrow down your search. In addition, a seller would likely view your offer with a favorable eye should you face competition from other bidders. A financing pre-approval takes the questions out of your qualifications as a buyer, gets your offer to the front of the line and increases your chances of closing the loan on time.

Our Keys on Time program delivers the following:

  • A pre-approval that is fully underwritten.
  • An opportunity to waive the loan contingency when an offer is put in (because a complete pre-approval has occurred), which will make the offer more appealing.
  • More confidence for the seller when it comes to closing on, or prior to the escrow close date, and that delays won’t happen.

Plus, if you combine the Keys on Time program with our SecureLock program then you can lock in today’s competitive rate while you shop.

This package of benefits helps home buyers shop confidently and gain a competitive edge in the highly sought-after Bay Area market.

If you’re ready to purchase real estate, 2019 may be your year! Contact us today. We can help you get pre-approved to take advantage of this shifting Bay Area real estate market and into your dream home.

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