Posted: 04/19/2017

There’s no doubt that people make the difference when you’re in the mortgage industry. The quality of people at Guarantee Mortgage have certainly demonstrated that time and again with each transaction. When our clients come to us, everything is at stake because getting a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions most people make in their lifetime. And it takes seasoned professionals and quality service to get the job done, especially in the competitive markets of the Bay Area.

Guarantee Mortgage has long been a Bay Area stand out as it relates to the service and knowledge of our local market.

Here’s what sets us apart:

We are committed to transparency so that our clients rarely encounter any surprises. We take a consulting approach to our clients’ mortgages, meaning we take the time and care to understand our client’s short- and long-term goals keeping them informed throughout the loan process.

We’re fast and thorough. In a competitive market, timeliness is king and we’ve demonstrated the ability to move fast to close quicker and efficiently maneuver through the complex lending environment.

And lastly, we’re local and have first-hand experience lending in your neighborhood

All of these pillars are possible through the personal touch and expertise of our loan officers.

We are very proud that each and every one of my colleagues lives up to these standards. When it’s put into practice, they are doing something very special. They inspire our clients to successfully reach for their home ownership goals, and fulfill them.

When you work in this industry, you need good people and the useful tools to get the job done. Along with the reasons stated above that set us apart, our branches also offer our loan officers amazing support via our seasoned staff and a vast array of loan options.

We’d like to highlight two specialty loan programs we offer below:


With the ebb and flow of interest rates, homebuyers can be left in a bind when they are pursuing a home purchase. Simply put, the SecureLock program enables our clients to lock in on a rate today so they can have peace of mind as they plan to buy their home of tomorrow. This specialty program locks our clients into a competitive rate while they look for a home, or they sell their current home in anticipation of buying another, or if their dream home is still under construction. Talk about a powerful tool! This program has three elements: Lock and Buy; Lock and List; and Lock and Build, as mentioned above. And this tool can also be combined with our Keys of Time program.

Keys on Time

This is our signature 20-day close program that’s backed by the purchasing power of a full loan approval. It allows our clients to make an attractive offer assuring the seller that their financing is already in place. Not only does this make an offer look more attractive because most of the approval work is already done, but we can close quickly and efficiently.

Listening and putting our clients in the appropriate loan programs are the keys to Guarantee Mortgage’s success. Over the last 20-plus years we’ve successfully established our reputation as one of the premier lenders in the Bay Area – by earning our clients’ trust with excellent, knowledgeable service from our seasoned loan professionals.

That’s what truly sets us apart.

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