Posted: 08/05/2017

If a bigger home has become more prudent or you are seeking a nicer neighborhood for your family, you may be looking for a solution to finance your dreams. Sometimes, however, the price for your dream home may feel a little out of reach.

A jumbo loan could be the right solution, but it may not be for everyone. Jumbo loans are for premium real estate areas that exceed the conventional conforming loan limits, but the terms and limits can vary. Jumbo loan interest rates tend to be higher and larger down payments are required, but these loans are available in a variety of fixed or adjustable rates. Often times, these loans are suited to Bay Area buyers as cost of living and home values increase. Some Bay Area buyers can be denied for Jumbo Loans, however. When that happens, all is not lost thanks to a new loan option Guarantee Mortgage offers.

Our new Expanded Access Loan Program opens the door to borrowers who may have encountered some difficulty on their journey to homeownership.

Guarantee Mortgage is committed to working with all future homebuyers and this program is for borrowers who do not fit standard home mortgage financing guidelines, or who may have not been able to secure a jumbo loan for various reasons, ranging from debt-to-income ratio to credit score.

The Expanded Access Loan Program is suited for people who seek a second chance. Here’s some of what it covers:

  • Loan amounts between $100,000 and $2 million.
  • Up to 90 percent loan-to-value (need documentation).
  • Up to 85 percent loan-to-value with bank statement.
  • Allows a 620-minimum credit score.

Guarantee Mortgage is here to tell you that the reasons you may have been held back in the past will not necessarily hinder you the second time around. That’s our commitment at Guarantee Mortgage – we will find the solution. So, if you are feeling down about your loan options, we encourage you to speak to one of our loan experts to learn more about the possibilities of financing your dreams with the Expanded Access Loan Program today – even if it’s your second or third try.

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