Fixed or adjustable? Bank or Broker? Finding the right mortgage loan for you.

You’ve found the home of your dreams. Or perhaps you’re ready to refinance—to lower your monthly payment, or get cash out for a big-ticket expense. First, you need to understand the benefits of using a company that is both a mortgage bank and mortgage broker – which we are – and then discover what home loan options are available to you.

Mortgage bank or mortgage broker?
What’s the difference?

A mortgage bank is any bank lending to you directly. This includes your local community bank, a credit union, or a well-known national bank. When working with a mortgage bank, you’re limited to the loan product lines they offer—and better loan alternatives might be available.

Guarantee Mortgage, on the other hand, is BOTH a mortgage bank—able to lend you money directly—and a mortgage broker. As a broker, we give you access to hundreds of loan options all in one place, and are more likely to be able to find the loan best fitting your needs.

We provide the options—you get the loan!

Popular home loan options.

The Loan Advisors at Guarantee Mortgage will help you narrow down the possibilities; or, read more about the various loan types presented here.

Get smart about mortgages at our Learning Center.

Want to better understand mortgage “lingo”? Want to be fully prepared when you begin the mortgage process? Are you unsure of what you need to get a loan, or what a mortgage broker actually does? Use these resources to get answers to your questions.